Protecting Your Ends

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Protecting Your Ends

For many women that have gone natural, whether her mane is fairly new to the natural haired game or she’s a seasoned naturalista, protecting your ends is a must in hair care regimens. In order to retain length and get your hair to grow past a certain length, it must grow at a rate that’s faster than the speed it’s breaking.

Although trimming ends is a vital key to growing long and healthy naturalhair, making sure to practice protective styling is how you can retain length without the feeding the length check obsession so often. Crochet braids, individual twists/braids, wigs and installing weave hair bundles have been staples in protective styling for retaining length, when done correctly. Don’t forget that you still have to care for your natural hair, so it’s best to not make a habit out of keeping protective styles in for more than a month at a time.

If you opt towards having weaves or braids installed, do not wear your styles for an extended period of time without treating your hair underneath with deep conditioning and hot oil treatments after a good shampoo or co-wash. It’s also highly recommended that if you’re leaning more towards having individual braids installed, to steer clear of the micro sized styles or the heavy faux locs. Be sure to voice to your beautician to NOT braid too tightly as well, especially along your edges.

Your hair is your crown, so treat it as such. Whether you wear your natural hair out or keep it tucked away, always make sure to treat it with tender love and care at all costs.

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