Natural Hair and Trimming

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Natural Hair and Trimming

When it comes to natural hair, one of the most feared practices in maintaining length is trimming. Just the thought of having to cut your tresses you worked so hard to grow, scares many naturalistas out there. Often times, when getting a trim by a professional hairstylist, he/she can take off more than we bargained for. If you have hair length goals, you may shy away from trims but what if we told you that doing just that, could do more harm than good?


According to, ‘trimming is an essential part. Trimming is necessary in order to combat breakage and split ends. Keeping up with regular trimming, will lead to healthier hair and help maximize growth. If you don’t have a hairstylist in your area that you can trust to give you a trim rather than a complete haircut, no worries, there are at-home hair trimming methods!


Blowing your hair out after a wash/deep condition is a tried and true method that many naturalistas take part in. By stretching the hair with a medium-low heat, you’re able to see dry, split ends more, therefore allowing you to trim the ends off with ease.


Searching for split ends or single strand knots is an option as well; a little more tedious but overall good. If you go this route, make sure you don’t trim unevenly.


Two strand twists are also a great method when your hair is in need of a trim. By simply twisting your hair, it’s easy to see the frizzy ends. Trim away!

If you rather not risk any mistakes, it’s best to find a hairstylist that can trim your tresses every few months or 1-2 times per season. For more information on our natural hair care services, be sure to contact us.

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