Hair Weaves: Why Bundle When You Buy?

ByHair Marqui LLC

Hair Weaves: Why Bundle When You Buy?

Purchasing a quality weave can be expensive. You may think that installing the weave yourself, or having a trusted friend do it for you, can save you quite a bit of money. While on the front end, yes, you will save the cost of a professional; but in the long run, you may be skimping on more than you bargained for.

Weave hair bundles will save you more than just a few dollars. Not only will you get a discount on installation when you purchase this way, you will also have peace of mind knowing a professional will be handling and installing your weave the correct way. This will ensure your new hair looks natural, lasts longer, and fits better. Professional installation also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are unhappy with the way your weave looks or fits, you can exchange it at no cost.

Holding ourselves to the highest standards of weave salons in Maryland, The HairMarqui wants you to get the most out of your visit and the quality products we sell. This is why we encourage all of our ladies to bundle when you buy!

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