Monthly Archive February 2018

ByHair Marqui LLC

Avoiding Heat Damage

Since the natural hair movement began, many naturalistas believe that heat and natural hair do not and should not ever mix. Although it’s recommended to apply minimal to no heat on natural tresses, there are ways to avoid heat damage for those times you want to straighten your hair. Using a heat protectant, whether you blow dry or flat firon (or both!) your hair, it’s important to apply this product throughout your hair. According to, “Using a heat protectant can very well help eliminate the damage done to hair while heat tools are used. Heat protectants however do not 100 percent block the chances of damage occurring”. Use as minimal amount of heat as you can. It’s also very important to never re-apply heat in between your wash days; a big reason for heat damage occurring.

Protein treatments, protective styling and using a low temperature while using a blow dryer or flat iron are also great ways in avoiding heat damage, even when you apply heat to your hair. Everything is fine in moderation, so make a habit of not straightening your hair too often or else you hair will become damaged over time. To book a press and curl with one of our professional hair stylists, visit our website today.