Monthly Archive October 2017

ByHair Marqui LLC

Why Your Natural Hair Isn’t Reaching Its Growth Potential

Many women who have joined the natural hair movement face a number of difficulties when it comes to overall hair maintenance and retaining length. Aside from wanting to be chemical-free, naturalistas also take the relaxer-free route to see how long and healthy their unprocessed hair can grow. Unfortunately, some don’t see maximum growth, even after years of being natural.

Here are the top reasons as to why your crown may not be reaching its full potential.

  • You skip out on trims: Don’t let length retention goals keep you from trimming those dead ends. It’s necessary to trim your ends every 6-8 weeks to avoid breakage and flyaways.
  • You haven’t given your hair a break: Protective styling is a popular break many naturals rely on. Manipulating your hair every day will cause wear and tear (and breakage) on your hair. From time to time, keep your tresses in twists, crochet braids, hair weaves or wigs to keep your hair protected and tucked away.
  • You’re not taking care of your hair under your protective styles: As wonderful as protective styling is, it can also be your downfall if you don’t take care of your own hair in between weaves and braids. Be sure to still deep condition, trim your ends and wash/condition your hair as much as possible. If you wear hair weave bundles, don’t go longer than two months under a sew-in.

Going natural doesn’t always equate to healthy hair unless you’re treating your hair with tender love and care, no matter what style you choose to rock.